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Create a temporary mail that will self-destruct in 10 minutes and forget about spam

Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

How many times are we surfing the web, we find the web that we are looking for and from which we need to download programs, photos or other resources, but … we have to register.

And for anything you want to get from a website, the minimum requirement is to sign up and as you know, the free of charge involves leaving your data and your email. And if it was just to sign you up, okay, but we know that afterward, they’re bombing us all the time with spam or site advertising, and it’s the most annoying thing in the world.

So far what I was doing was to do accounts that I never use, then one in Yahoo, another in Hotmail and then the work, the staff, the one with friends, total that we joined with thousands of email accounts and in Most of the cases ended up forgetting the passwords. And not to mention the hassle of opening email accounts, where you have to fill in thousands of data, a can and a martyrdom from my point of view.

But that is over. Well !, I almost want to applaud because there is a tool that lets you create a temporary mail, yes, an email account that disappears after creating it. In particular, it only lasts 10 minutes.

A temporary email generator. You can use this temporary mail wherever you want, with the peculiarity that it only lasts 10 minutes. Every time we see this “You need to register to continue browsing” we will not flee in terror. We already have a solution!

How to create this temporary mail?

You just have to enter the 10minutemail web. Upon entering you are already assigned an email account. In the plant, you will see the temporary mail and the time it will last. In case you need some more time your temporary mail gives you the opportunity to keep it 10 minutes more. At the bottom of the screen, you have an inbox, just like any normal email. Once you receive an email, it gives you the option to respond or resend it, in case you need to save it.

Now I can go to the web and download the photos you need, is not it great? This is just an example, you can use it as it suits you and where you want. Can you think of other uses? What do you think of this resource? For me, it opens many doors or better said websites.

I hope it helps, and remember if you like what you read, shares!