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Google Launches ‘News Lab’ To Sharpen Journalism Skills

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Journalists will have a suite of new tools from Google called “News Lab”, which aims to help them connect with the search engine giant’s programs and resources to help them report current events. The News Lab mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to apply technology innovations to reporting news, lab director Steve Grove said, in a blog post. News Lab is one of Google’s efforts of integrating with media and news reporting. Last week, there was a series of announcements that focused on the search engine giant’s interest in journalism. For instance, Google Trends got an update that showed minute by minute updates on keywords and news trends. YouTube Newswire was also rolled out. The new service aggregates YouTube feeds that show newsworthy events.

Google opens News Lab to sharpen journalism skills

“From Maps to YouTube to Fusion Tables to Earth to Search, we offer many tools that newsrooms can use in their reporting and storytelling,” Grove said. “Now, journalists around the world can access tutorials on these products created specifically for newsrooms.”

Google News Lab is also focusing on eyewitness citizen journalism through news outlets such as First Draft, First Draft, YouTube Newswire and WITNESS Media Lab.

News Lab will contain the said services and features and Google will reportedly provide more tools and resources in the near future. Currently, Google has several partners in making News Lab possible such as the Center for Investigative Reporting, Matter, TechRaking, Hackers/Hackers and others.

Google News Lab: 5 Things to Know About the New Site for Journalists

The new website is designed to connect journalists with a variety of resources. Here are five things to know about it:

Google News Lab will give journalists access to programs, data and more to help them with their reporting.
The site will include tools for newsrooms such as tutorials and ways to use Google products for reporting.
Journalists will also have access to Google Trends, a service that determines what is currently newsworthy.
Google News Lab will also showcase the company’s efforts involving new media partnerships and citizen reporting.
A number of initiatives will be included on Google News Lab, including WITNESS Media Lab, which produces number of in-depth projects on human rights issues.
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“As both the media landscape and technology continue to evolve, we believe we can create a more informed world if technologists and journalists work together,” Grove said.

A separate announcement said YouTube would team up with the Witness Media Lab on “a series of in-depth projects that focus on human rights struggles as seen from the perspective of those who live, witness, and experience them.”

How Google News Lab Can Improve Its Platform?

Every journalist (heck, almost every person on Earth) knows how to use Google, but the architects of News Lab want reporters to know how to use it well. In a promotional video tied to News Lab’s release, program director Steve Grove describes it as a melding of journalism and technology which will lead to the “innovation and empowerment of journalists” and prove that “anything is possible in media.”