Lyteracie » Indian Man plans terror attacks in India- sentenced to 15 years jail in US!

Indian Man plans terror attacks in India- sentenced to 15 years jail in US!

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Shocking news that will make your eyes drawn has come up to us. A 42 years old man who is Indian Citizen was caught plotting terror attack in India. The man was identified as Balwinder Singh, 42 years old. He was caught to launch a terror attack in India and assassination of a government official as part of the Khalistan Movement. He was caught red-handed and was punished to prison for 15 years in the US. Balwinder Singh was living in Northern Nevada. On put forward in front of the US District Judge Larry Hicks in Reno, the judge ordered a prison net for Balwinder Singh under the Lifetime Federal Supervision upon his release from prison. Web Site There were huge arguments coming from the prosecutors that claimed that Singh was in connection with the terrorist groups in India for more than 2 decades.

Is Balwinder Singh guilty?

Balwinder Singh also was known as the Jhaji and Baljit Singh used to work with Babbar Khalsa International and Khalistan Zindabad Force, the two of the main drivers of the Khalistan Movement in the Punjab region. Singh is an Indian Citizen and a permanent US resident who pleaded for guilty in the month of November 2016. In the year 2013, October month, Singh was caught traveling to India and kill a government official. He was not alone as he had his co-conspirator with him in the case.

Not only this, in November 2013, Singh also purchased two sets of the night vision goggles from the store and a laptop and handed them to the co-conspirator who could make the operations of the attack function on the other end. Not stopping him from making more attacks, Singh is finally under the custody and after his term of prison is over, he might be deported back to India or not depends on the immigration judge. As per the DC, Singh has made a statement through the Punjabi Interpreter and said,” my only request is I should not be deported. I should be released here.”