Philips Norelco 5100 Review – Flagship Trimmer Put To The Test

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Think about the Philips Norelco 5100 is one of the Beard Trimmers in 2017 similar to the 9100’s younger sibling, however not a diminutive younger sibling. It can at present kick completely every other person’s rear end. It does not have the laser (which isn’t basic) and the suction yet everything else is precisely the same.

It looks astounding. The blue body assumes control from the 9100’s dark body and it has a dim and orange band in the center rather than the 9100’s red.

Self-cleaning edges!!! AGAIN – WE LOVE THEM!

Double sided innovation empowering an immaculate shave

Just a hour and a half to charge and goes on for 60 minutes.

This is the most well known whiskers trimmer available right now, what with it having the majority of the fundamental stuff that makes the 9100 extraordinary without the amazing in any case pointless extravagant accessories, and we adore it. I don’t think this will leave QUITE yet, yet Philips tend to dispose of their more seasoned trimmers notwithstanding when they are (ostensibly) their best ones and are the top of the line electric razor ever.

Look at our full Philips Norelco 5100 audit here or simply make a beeline for the Amazon client surveys here.

Do We Love It?

Gracious HELLS definitely. It’s super moderate for what you get included. I mean you would be a truly moany individual to imagine this isn’t great incentive for cash.

The Battery: The lithium battery is outrageously incredible. It keeps its charge for quite a while and regardless of the possibility that you don’t utilize it for some time and it’s recently sitting in the restroom or the room, it won’t lose charge. You will have the capacity to get various trims with this infant before you should revive it.

The Dual Comb: The detail that it manages is entirely great. The detail in the 9100 is better, as it has that laser usefulness, yet the double sided brush will give all of you the exactness and the correct style that you’re searching for.

It additionally has an exceptionally fulfilling SNAP when it goes into put. It won’t take off it’s position and trim you bare startlingly. The trim and shave is agreeable all through, as the brushes are adjusted somewhat in parts.

The Setting Dial: The way that you can essentially dial in the coveted length of the trim is such a convenient idea, and it beyond any doubt as damnation beats having heaps of various sharp edges and razors for various styles and lengths. Much obliged to you for this, Philips! An exceptionally tasteful touch in reality.

Simplicity of Cleaning: Is there a less demanding trimmer to clean? I don’t know, as with the 5100 you simply need to rapidly put it under running water (ideally warm yet not hot or chilly) and voila, it is finished! It isn’t water-evidence in essence however, so don’t do anything like utilizing it in the shower or the shower. That wouldn’t be an excessively keen activity truly.

Voltage: This terrible bow has got POWER. We like power a ton here at My Man Beard, and the way that it can come in both 120 volts and 240 volts is an incredible component. This implies you don’t have to convey any kind of connector in case you’re voyaging. It’s optimal!