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Similar Apps like Playbox Apk – Best Alternative Apps

Posted by on Dec 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

New and latest movies are releasing every week. And you are so busy with your work that you cannot watch all the movies every day in the cinema hall Showbox V4.81 is the best Alternative for Playbox Apk. For that very reason I have brought before you a PlayBox app to watch movies directly on your phones, but sadly this app does not respond properly.

So, here I brought some alternatives of PlayBox just for your use and currently even I love this app. With the help of these alternatives, you can watch all the movies you desire during your leisure hours without any distraction. Below I have added the top 3 list of PlayBox alternatives.

List of Best Top 3 PlayBox Alternative Apps:

Just like PlayBox App these alternatives does the same work. The only thing is these alternatives are way better than the PlayBox app. Below I will be sharing all the detail information of the top3 best PlayBox alternative apps for your iPhone, Android or iOS device.

1: MovieBox App:

The first PlayBox alternative is the Movie box app. This app has some amazing features. You can watch all the latest movies you desire and that also full length. It is indeed one of the best apps to stream movies without any errors online. If you have an internet or Wi-Fi you can watch your favorite TV Shows or any movies anywhere. This app maximum supports all formats of files, be it mp4 or fly.

2: Showbox App:

The second PlayBox alternative is the Showbox App. This app is also most preferred for watching online free TV Series and latest movies. This app is not available in Google Play Store. So you will need to download Showbox Apk for Android file. With this Showbox app you can watch all the movies in HD quality. Many users love this app because of its high-resolution screen quality.

3: Popcorn Time Android:

The third most preferred app alternative of PlayBox is Popcorn Time Android. You can watch any movies without any restriction. This app provides you with awesome catalog. If any new movies or TV shows gets released, Popcorn Time Android app will start streaming automatically. And along with subtitles it is just the best.

So, here are top 3 best PlayBox alternatives. There are few more apps which is exactly same like PlayBox. You can watch unlimited movies and TV series of your choice with better quality. So, what are you waiting for, download it now and stream your movies at anytime.