Supporting Children’s Search for Meaning:

Children’s Literature in a Multimodal World


Biological vs. Psychological Models of Learning

(Brian Cambourne)

    Video mp4 (164mb)

    Transcript pdf

Marcel Marceau: The Lion Tamer

    Video mp4

The Picture Storybook: The Combination of Writing and Visual Representation

(Prisca Martens and Ray Martens)

    Presentation pdf

Responding to Children’s Literature Through Sound Design

(Chuck Jurich)

    Presentation pdf

    Photos of the script timeline and composing environment link

    The audio play PERFORMED! mp3

Developing Deep Understanding of Teasing and Bullying

(Lorraine Wilson)

    Presentation pdf


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Most likely you attended the session on “Supporting Children’s Search for Meaning” at the 2013 NCTE Annual Conference in Boston. Below are links to some of the presentation slides, videos, and other goodies.