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Guerrilla Reviews #1: Stars and Stripes Flag

Posted by on Jul 4, 2015 in Guerrilla Literacies
Guerrilla Reviews #1: Stars and Stripes Flag

I live in the South and it’s not uncommon to see the Confederate “Stars and Bars” flag in a variety of contexts. I see them waving in front of houses, as a bumper sticker (usually on a big pickup truck), or even incorporated in clothing and bathing suits.

The Confederate flag is obviously problematic and has racist overtones yet folks still cling to it with the argument that it is part of the heritage of the South. I’m not “from” the South so it’s hard for me to make this jump and the connection to slavery is way too much for me to understand the “Southern Pride” argument but what can you do? Even after the African-American church shootings in neighboring South Carolina and the subsequent removal of the Confederate flag from out in front of the South Carolina capital building, the Stars and Bars still waves in un-official worlds.

It’s always time to fight the battle and win the war over common sense but I don’t think attacking the Confederate flag is the solution. There has to be other ways.

I figured just before the 4th of July was a great time to write an review for an American “Stars and Stripes” flag. People from all over the country would be shopping for one– not a Confederate flag, but a Stars and Stripes flag—  and the review could be an opportunity to pick up some confederates (see what I did there…?) in winning the war over common sense. The review would be visible at the top of the pile for a little while and maybe, just maybe the satire would get noticed and become one of the “top reviews” as voted by shoppers.

Read the review here.

If you’re feeling up to it, vote the review up! It just needs some 50 or so “Was this review helpful to you?” clicks and it gets to the top.

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